Privacy statement


Ingenum Systems is committed to client confidentiality and collects the smallest amount of personal data possible.

We do not share any user data with any 3rd parties under any circumstances, other than we may be legally required to do so.

We may contact you by email periodically to notify of any changes to the service, or where otherwise important to do so. All alert and summary emails can be disabled.


Cookies are used to store your login session, this means that you will stay logged in even when you end your session.

We do not use cookies to track activity or for any sort of advertising.


Security of all our data is taken very seriously, we use the most modern technologies and standards to store and protect our data.

Passwords are only stored as a hash, and payment details are not stored on our servers at all. This means even if our entire system was compromised no secure data could be lost.

Login activity can be viewed on the accounts page, we will also notify you by email if the password to your account is changed.

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