Monitor search engine results and ranking for any websites

Why monitor?
  • Monitor search engine results for changes
  • Be the first to know when rankings change
  • Look for new mentions of your brand etc.
  • Track competitor ranking vs. yours
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What we do
  • Watch search engine results
  • Track your keyword ranks
  • Alert you when you ranks change
  • Archive the entire search history
Enter keywords you want to monitor

Track webpage rank

  • Track the rank for a website or a specific webpage
  • Track competitors ranking as well
  • Set a threshold, get notified if your webpage goes above or below it
  • Download results and history as csv (spreadsheet) data
Track seo ranking

Monitor for certain words

  • Monitor for words appearing in the search results
  • Get alerts when watch words first appear
  • Watch words could be your brand name or competitor
Watch words in search results

Monitor search engine results, critical for SEO


  • Simple settings to ensure you get what you are interested in
  • Advanced settings allow as much flexibility as you need
  • Support for all search engine regions/domains
  • Support for limiting results to recent time period

Store history

  • Easily look through the archived history
  • The whole search results page is stored
  • Data archived for 120 days.

Know when your page goes above or below a certain ranking


  • Control many keywords easily
  • Simple configuration
  • Set how often emails are sent
  • Bulk add many keywords in one go

Instant reports

  • Get alert emails when rank change
  • Get daily or weekly summary emails
  • Multiple email addresses
  • Slack support
Email reports

View historical changes in search results

Free trial, best value & flexible payment

  • Free trial
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Flexible payment system
  • No contract

Secure, reliable, easy

  • No downloads
  • Quick customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Secure, reliable, mobile friendly

Developer tools

  • Integrate our data into your systems
  • Web hooks for instant updates
  • RESTful API for all data access
  • Contact us for developer tool access

Always improving

  • We're constantly adding new features
  • Our product roadmap is always evolving
  • Just let us know what you need
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