Monitor webpage changes, with archived version history

Why monitor?
  • Get the content before it changes again
  • Be the first to know when a page changes
  • Look for mentions of your brand in the news
  • Keep track of suspicious activity
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What we do
  • Watch webpages for changes
  • Filter to only get what you're interested in
  • Receive summary and instant notifications
  • Compare versions easily
Enter a webpage you want to monitor

Intelligent change detection

  • Our algorithms detect changes as accurately as possible
  • See a list of the changed lines of text
  • Quickly find highlighted changes
  • WebMonitor uses a real browser to download the webpage. Other systems don't and miss significant amounts of content
Highlighted changes

Effective filtering

  • Simple settings to ensure you get what you are interested in
  • Advanced settings allow as much flexibility as you need
  • Ignore minor changes, headers, footer, adverts etc.
  • Define parts of a page to filter out using either XPath or CSS
  • Use keywords to define what must or must not be in changes
Filter settings

Monitors websites for edits. Archives them and sends alerts

Inspect versions

  • See the html or image of the webpage exactly as it was originally rendered
  • Compare versions side-by-side
  • Summary of important changes
Archived versions

Easily manage your webpages

  • Search and sort your webpages
  • See webpages with new versions
  • Pause and resume monitoring with a single click
  • Bulk add many webpages in one go
Manage webpages

Detects updates to webpages. Stores the history and emails you

Store version history

  • Easily look through the archived history
  • See the size of the change & any keywords that were found
  • Mark versions as important for future reference
  • Versions are archived for at least 120 days.
Version history

Instant reports

  • Get alert emails when webpages change
  • Get daily or weekly summary emails of all changes
  • Multiple email addresses
  • Slack support
Email reports

Watch webpages. Record changes. Send notifications

Free trial, best value & flexible payment

  • Free trial
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Flexible payment system
  • No contract

Secure, reliable, easy

  • No downloads
  • Quick customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Secure, reliable, mobile friendly

Developer tools

  • Integrate our data into your systems
  • Web hooks for instant updates
  • RESTful API for all data access
  • Contact us for developer tool access

Always improving

  • We're constantly adding new features
  • Our product roadmap is always evolving
  • Just let us know what you need
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